Why homegrown?

Want to grow your own plants but lack the motivation to do so? Read on to find out why you should definitely grow your own produce instead of buying it every week from the market!

1. More nutritious

When you grow your own produce, your crispy lettuce leaves can go straight from the plant to your bowl(with washing of course!). Growing plants means you are not only more likely to consume a nutritious and diverse diet, your vegetables and fruit are also more likely to be at their peak nutrient levels. After produce has been harvested commercially, it has to be shipped and distributed to stores which always takes longer than harvesting your own produce. If vegetables/fruits have been sitting in your local supermarket stores for a long time, they tend to lose nutritional value, meaning you don’t get all those lovely nutrients from your salad!


2. Environment

A staunch environmentalist? Growing your own produce is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint as homegrown produce requires absolutely NO transport! Well.. you do have to walk from your plants to your kitchen but that’s a small price to pay compared to buying produce commercially. If more people decided to grow their own produce, less long distance transportation would be needed and less pesticides/chemicals that are harmful to the environment would be used.


3. Minimizing waste

Another reason we should grow our own food is to lessen the amounts of food households throw out everyday. When you are the one tending to and caring for your vegetables, you are less likely to carelessly throw your leftovers in the trash and more likely to finish every morsel. You are also more likely to preserve your produce and use up your vegetable supply before it spoils.