Why hydroponics?

aspara is a machine that will allow you to use hydroponic techniques to grow your very own flowers/vegetables in the comfort of your own home a perfect social distancing activity when you can’t go out to see your friends. To convince you to take the leap and venture into the world of growing your own produce, here are some more key reasons why you should purchase your very own aspara today.

1. Water efficiency

To begin with, having a hydroponic system provide you with fresh produce rather than buying vegetables from the market makes growing plants 90% more efficient than vegetables grown in a field. Whereas in a field the water in the soil may leak away and seep into the ground, water in a hydroponic system can be recirculated and reused again by collecting the run-off water. This is because in a hydroponic system, the only way water can escape is via evaporation or leaking through the system. With aspara, you can be sure that your machine will always be running smoothly without leakage. Furthermore, aside from reducing how much water is required for plant growth, the hydroponic technique also minimises the need for fertiliser as propagators do not need to cater for the soil-borne pests.


2. Faster growth

Moreover, with hydroponic growing systems, plants are able to grow quicker and have a better yield due to the fact that you are able to control the conditions it grows in. All the factors that influence plant growth, such as temperature, light, moisture and most importantly nutrients can be controlled using our aspara machine. Through tweaks such as specific wavelengths of light hitting the plant, this can maximise the growth of your plants and also speed up how long they take to grow. For example, green lettuce grown in our hydroponic machine only takes 28 days to reach maturity whereas in a field they could take up to 60 days. This is also true for the other plants sold by aspara. To make hydroponics even better, by being able to eat your produce mere minutes after harvesting means that you are able to absorb more of the plant’s nutrients as the nutritional value of plants decreases with more time after the point of harvest.


3. Year round produce

Say goodbye to vegetable ‘seasons’ with the use of hydroponic technology. By controlling the environment your plant grows in, you can sleep well knowing that there will never be another cherry tomato shortage again. Hydroponics allows us to look forward to plump cherry tomatoes year round instead of only being able to consume this vegetable at certain times of the year. Be sure to look out for our new up and coming seed kits for a greater variety of year round vegetables!