Things you need to know about Germination Domes, Dry Growing Media and Thin Out method

Remove Germination Domes

When the first two leaves of a plant appear, remove its germination dome. Not removing the germination dome at the correct time can inhibit plant growth.

Add Water to Capsules with Dry Growing Media

If you find any growing media is dry on the second day of planting, add water to the dry growing media from the top until it is completely wet and wait for the seed to germinate.

Growing media is made of natural material which water absorption rate may vary.

If the growing media is wet but there is no sign of germination a week after the suggested sprout day, leave a message to us at the Support page.

Thin Out Your Plant

 During the first stage of development, there may be more than one plant growing in each seed capsule. To ensure a good harvest, you need to thin your plants out to give them space to grow.

When the plant sprouts are around 25 mm (1 inch) tall, choose the most healthy-looking plant in each seed capsule and pull out the rest.