Take Photo Periodically to Record Your Planting and Make Timelapse Video

When your aspara is online, you can record your planting by taking photo in aspara app periodically or even everyday. You can also make timelapse video with your photos. 


  1. Click ‘photo’ button in app.

  2. Align the aspara outline for making timelapse video. The photo will be recorded with planting information including your aspara name, program and planting days.

  3. Save the photo or share.

​Notes: Take photo once at least every10-day to make successful timelapse video.



  1. In photo album, select ‘Timelapse video’.

  2. Select the planting session you would create video

  3. Click top right 'select' and select the photos to be included, then click ‘create video’.

  4. Customise your timelapse video by creating the name, selecting frame rate, transition effect and audio.

  5. Click to go to ‘video list’ or back to ‘Timelapse video’ in photo album and wait. It will need several minutes for the video to process.